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We offer a trusted range of Health Products that are available at pharmacies nationwide. Our products are prescribed by Doctors and recommended by Pharmacists throughout South Africa. Visit our online shop now to view what we have to offer.

A decade of Health Supplements & Products in South Africa

For over a decade, we have formulated and supplied pharmaceutical grade healthcare supplements to the South African public and healthcare professionals. At Keynote Health we pride ourselves in offering healthcare products that are proven and trusted to be your perfect partner for optimum health.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies as a result of a poor diet and increased stress can affect many of us. Good quality supplements offer the perfect “top-up” to help you to reach your physical and mental peak.

Quality and service are at the centre of everything we do. Our management team is passionate about your health and to this end we have registered pharmacists overlooking every aspect of our supply-chain, from manufacturing to distribution. We consider it our privilege to be part of your healthcare solution!

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More is not always better when it comes to vitamins! The Maxivit range is perfectly formulated and balanced to provide your body with just what it needs – nothing more, nothing less! Trust the multivitamin range recommended by South African medical professionals!

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