You use your brain every moment of every day, so it’s in your best interests to keep it healthy. Thinkwell is a brain health supplement that is scientifically formulated with vital Omega fish oils. It contains an extremely high amount of EPA Omega Oil which helps with learning and memory. ThinkWell Liquid is a first of its kind, in that you only take it once a week. This is due to the high concentration of quality marine fish oil, which is stored in fat reserves and used by the body over the course of the week.


Once a week concentration of essential fatty acids of the highest quality.

Ideal for both adults and safe for children to use to improve memory, recall, and behavior, as well as scholars or university students during exams.

A natural remedy for adults and children suffering from ADD or ADHD.

Dosage : Adults and children over the age of three – One measure (5ml) every week. Dose may be increased to three measures (15ml) weekly to meet individual needs. This is a nutritional supplement and thus has a very wide therapeutic range.